About Us...

What is Choosing Faith?

Choosing Faith is an organization created to help AnnMarie Robertson reach her financial goals surrounding a double lung transplant. This would include cost for lodging, travel, food, co-pays and other necessities when the time comes for her to receive this transplant.  It is anticipated that  AnnMarie's stay in Charleston will be around 3-6 months after the procedure, with James  remaining with her during this time. Afterward, she and James will continue commuting back and forth from the Upstate to Charleston as needed for appointments and/or treatment.

It is AnnMarie's ultimate prayer to receive healing from this procedure and to use her testimony to help others so that when all is behind her, she can start a Foundation with any remaining funds, allowing her to help others in their fight against CF.

All assistance received is greatly appreciated and will assist this young couple in being able to endure these trying and stressful times without worrying about the financial burden.

Thank you in advance for being a part of AnnMarie’s journey and helping to give her hope for the future!